George Gansner officiating at the Chelsea vs. Inter Milan Friendly in LA

George Gansner, STLUFC member and FIFA Referee Assistant sent us this note and a couple of pictures.  George is standing next to John Terry in the picture on the left.  The Picture on the right shows Will Ferrell jogging down the sideline.  He's got a footballer's jersey on, but those legs... Oh my!
Chelsea won this friendly 2:0 with goals by Drogba and Lampard. ... read about the match ...

George wrote...
"Thought you guys might like this. The Stars were out in force:  Alyssa Milano, Ashton Kutchar, Drew Carey, Will Ferrell, Charlize Theron, Gil (from Dancing with the Stars & some Soap Opera), etc., etc.!"

images from the Chelsea Inteer friendly

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