A visit to the KOP, the Theatre of Dreams and more...

The trip every football fan dreams of... Our friend Frank Trotter and his daughter journeyed to England to watch the Champions League (round of 16 2nd leg) games in Liverpool and Manchester.  They got to watch both teams beat the opposition and move on to the Quarter Finals. 
Assisted by some remarkable airline fares (GBP 5 from Barcelona to England for example), Frank and his daughter Jessica hit Barcelona for a league game on Sat March 7th, and then attended Liverpool vs Real Madrid on Tuesday March 10th and Manchester United v Inter on Wednesday the 11th.  In the middle was a day in Barcelona and a Beatles tour of Liverpool (in the same graveyard as Eleanore Rigby is Bob Paisley, and his son is the church caretaker).  They met up with some of their USA friends in England, had a marvelous time, and saw some remarkable football.
(All images courtesy of Frank Trotter)

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